Did you know?

100 Years Ago:
Feb. 8, 1911
The “unfamiliar floors” are a possible reason cited to explain why the basketball team went just 2–4 on a recent road trip. Yes, clearly we lost 41–9 to Denison because of the slight difference in hardwood. Or maybe it was the bed of nails they played on. Keep the excuses coming.

50 Years Ago:
Jan. 18, 1961
The head of the Bureau of Measurement and Guidance offers advice to students studying for finals that begin on Jan. 23. It figures that in olden times, Carnegie Mellon would find a way to make winter break less fun. Finals two weeks after break? What’s wrong with you, 1961?

25 Years Ago:
Jan. 28, 1986
“Butts cops award” is the title of an announcement that Robert Butts, an All-American offensive tackle on the football team (and large man), is to be honored with a banquet next week. I just think “Carnegie Mellon honors big Butts” is a much better title, don’t you?

10 Years Ago:
Jan. 29, 2001
The Almanac section mentions that, in 1976, WRCT changed from a progressive rock station to a Top 40 one, which angered some DJs at the station. What change do you think would anger the current DJs at WRCT most, classical or country?

5 Years Ago:
Jan. 30, 2006
This week, a Pillbox writer examines polyphasic sleeping, or napping all day long. It apparently allows you to sleep less but still feel rested throughout the day — possibly going slowly insane in the process.

1 Year Ago:
Feb. 1, 2010
Classes are canceled Monday due to the Snowpocalypse that hits Pittsburgh. You may remember that classes were also canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wasn’t that just the bees’ knees? Let’s hope history repeats itself.