Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Jan. 25, 1911
The Carnegie Tech hockey team was forced to disband this week after failing to secure an arena to host their matches. Apparently, Pittsburgh actually had warm weather in January, as an outdoor arena was equally out of the question. Global warming, you say? Yeah, right.

50 Years Ago
Jan. 18, 1961
Sigma Nu came in first place in a Marlboro cigarette contest by turning in 17,325 cigarette packets. Over 50,000 packets were collected and incinerated after the contest was over. Secondhand smoke concerns were laughed off as “silly and unmanly.”

25 Years Ago
Jan. 21, 1986
“The Inquiring Staff” wonders what campus building will be named after President Cyert after he leaves the university, and hazards a guess that it might be the spacious Carnegie Mellon steam tunnels. You’d think they could have guessed Cyert Hall — after all, his name’s already there.

10 Years Ago
Jan. 22, 2001
A Forum article this week comments how the “Ginger” project, which would later become known as the Segway, would probably not live up to its surrounding hype. The authors’ fears seem to have been valid, as today one rarely sees Segways outside of tour groups, malls, and Carnegie Mellon’s campus.

5 Years Ago
Jan. 23, 2006
WQED decided to dispose of 5,000 or so old records over break, so our own WRCT decided it was a prime time to dumpster dive to save the trashed records. It’s refreshing to see that Carnegie Mellon students never put personal hygiene ahead of any other cause.

1 Year Ago
Jan. 18, 2010
A Pillbox writer complains that the late-night controversy between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien has taken away from media coverage of true global events. I humbly disagree — isn’t remaining oblivious to world events the American way?