Athlete Profile: Emily Peel continues to chase the doubles

Credit: Courtesy of Emily Peel Credit: Courtesy of Emily Peel

As the current team leader in points scored, field goals, and rebounds for the women’s basketball team, center Emily Peel is making Carnegie Mellon history. Just last week, Peel recorded a double-double against UAA opponent Brandeis University, and she helped the Tartans pull off a near-upset before falling 65–62.

Although the team is still young with a large first-year and sophomore base, Peel said the past two games against Case Western Reserve University and Brandeis have shown significant improvement from the beginning of the season, as the team gains more experience and plays together more.

“We’re playing with good intensity and it’s exciting. I score a good amount, but it wouldn’t happen without the help of my teammates,” Peel said. “It’s good this year because we have such a big bench and so many good and talented players, and I know it’s going to click soon.”

Peel is a native of Long Valley, N.J., and is majoring in decision science. Like most athletes who chose to go plaid because of the university’s strong academics and athletics, Peel was drawn to Carnegie Mellon because of its programs, a great team, and the city of Pittsburgh, where she was born before moving to New Jersey.

Peel has her mind set on working in the health field one day and plans to pick up a second major in policy management or business before hopefully completing a master’s in health and public policy at the Heinz College.

Although Peel entered Carnegie Mellon as a biology major wanting a career in medicine, she switched over after realizing one doesn’t have to be a doctor to be in a health-related field. Her ultimate goal is to help prevent diseases, get awareness out about health concerns, and help people in general.

When not in class or on the court, Peel enjoys spending time with her friends on the team and dedicates her time to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

As for the future of the team, Peel is optimistic about the coming years. “I definitely have seen tons of improvement over the season, and the chemistry is building between players,” she said. “It’s been awesome how phenomenal everyone has been playing. We’ve played two tough teams so far and we’ve kept up with them. There are five freshmen and four sophomores this year, and although the sophomores are a little older, we don’t have that much experience. But the more experience we get, the better we should do.”