Letter to the Editor

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Thank you for your continued coverage of the Hunt Library lighting project. We are writing to point out a serious factual error in the story published on Nov. 22, 2010 (“Hunt Library interior lighting to be addressed following exterior redesign”). That is, Bill Hunt did NOT pay for the exterior lighting.

As written, the third paragraph states, “The lights are a gift from Roy Hunt’s grandson, Bill Hunt, who pointed out that the building was only visible half the time.”

A way to incorporate the necessary correction would be to end the second paragraph with this sentence: “The lights were paid for by a grant from the Roy A. Hunt Foundation.”

And to edit the third paragraph as follows: “The story began when Roy Hunt’s grandson, Bill Hunt, pointed out that the view across campus would be enhanced if all the lights in Hunt Library were turned on. ‘Like many campus buildings, the library disappears structurally at night. All you are seeing are the fluorescent lights inside, and then you’re seeing half the building dark,’ Popowich said.”

We ask that you

  1. Correct the error in the online story immediately, and note that the article has been corrected
  2. Print a correction in the next publication of The Tartan
  3. Publish the content of this message as a Letter to the Editor in the same issue as the correction is printed.

Again, we appreciate your reporting on developments in Hunt Library, and there are more good stories to be told. We are actively working with students and continually upgrading University Libraries facilities in response to student requests, as projects are prioritized by our SAC and Help Hunt folks, and as funding is available. Next semester, we would like to meet and talk with you about the latest news, plans, and projects on the immediate horizon.