Leadership Perspectives

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Welcome back, Tartan readers new and old.

Some of you may know that The Tartan’s leadership changes every calendar year, and, as the new editor-in-chief, I wanted to use this space to give you a preview of some of the new and exciting changes we have planned for 2011. I am not writing this simply to tell, though. I am writing because I want you, the students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni of Carnegie Mellon University, to respond.

The biggest and most obvious change in the coming months will be to The Tartan Online. We have spent the last several months redesigning from the ground up to be more useful to you, our readers.

Not only has the visual design been completely changed, but the new site will be more navigable, and it will reflect that the members of our staff are your friends and colleagues.

You will be able to find all the columns by the TA for your physics course and all the photos from that guy you sit next to in economics. It will be easier to find information, and, just as importantly, it will be easier to interact with our staff and the rest of the university community. We expect to launch the new site within the coming months.

The new website is not the only addition coming to The Tartan. You can expect to see more profiles of faculty and their cutting-edge research. You can expect to see coverage of intramural and club sports. At the same time, we will continue to provide news and opinion relevant to our readership. This content will still be available in our weekly print edition, but it will also be accessible through instant updates to our website and social media connections on Facebook and Twitter.

Throughout our efforts this year, the goal is to be relevant to our readers — those of you who are reading this column now, and those who will join us in the next 12 months.

I hope that you are as excited about these plans as I am, but I want your feedback. To that end, The Tartan has for the first time in several years appointed an ombudsman, Patrick Gage Kelley, to represent the concerns of the university community. He is charged not only with seeking your opinions but with making sure that they are heard. You can contact him at

I, and the rest of the editorial staff, look forward to serving you over the next year.