Carmen Minella brings the Tartans to victory

Junior Carmen Minella scored the winning goal against Wheaton College. (credit: Celia Ludwinski/Photo Editor) Junior Carmen Minella scored the winning goal against Wheaton College. (credit: Celia Ludwinski/Photo Editor)

For Carmen Minella, being a star soccer player is just one of his everyday duties. The junior midfielder and business administration major scored the winning goal in overtime against Wheaton (Ill.) College last week, which allowed the Tartans to keep their then-seven-game winning streak alive and attain a national ranking of No. 3. Minella’s spectacular shot is probably one of many goals to come this season.

Minella started his soccer career by playing in youth leagues when he was five years old. After a brief stint as quarterback for his middle school football team, he realized his physical size would be better suited playing soccer instead. Having been involved in sports for most of
his life, Minella felt playing in college was a no-brainer. “I continued soccer in college because I couldn’t imagine not competing athletically,”
he said. Yet, for Minella, the best part of varsity soccer is the team atmosphere; the team helped him transition from high school to college,
and the members are all good friends.

Minella was drawn to Carnegie Mellon because of the diverse academic programs and the excellent soccer team. “Being only 20 minutes
from home was just a bonus,” he added. Although he finds the constant studying for exams annoying, he knows it will pay off in the long run. For now, he hopes to find a summer internship. In the future, however, Minella wants to find an excellent job or get an MBA. He may even chase after his dream job: being the general manager for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Besides school and soccer, Minella is an avid gamer. “I am most likely the best Super Smash Brothers player on campus,” he said, and welcomes anyone to prove him wrong. If given $1 million tax-free, he would buy expensive cars and gifts for his siblings and mother, import a fig tree from Italy for his father, and try to get the soccer field named Minella Field. As for the season, Minella is confident the team will only continue to make history. “We’ve been successful so far, and the entire team believes when we are playing at our best it is very hard for an opponent
to stay with us. Conference play will be a big test, but I would be disappointed if we don’t win the UAAs. When we get into the NCAA tournament, anything can happen.”