Rocky Horror and guest comedy

A shot from Scotch’n’Soda’s April 2009 production of *Me and My Girl*.  (credit: File Photo) A shot from Scotch’n’Soda’s April 2009 production of *Me and My Girl*. (credit: File Photo)

The famous Cambridge Footlights, a comedy troupe from England, were warmly welcomed by the Carnegie Mellon community upon their arrival in Pittsburgh the weekend of Sept. 18–19. Boasting alumni such as Sasha Baron Cohen and John Cleese, the Footlights performed for enthralled Carnegie Mellon students. Their skits were brilliant and their accents made everything 10 times funnier, especially when they cursed or did Harry Potter imitations. Although they had little time to get accustomed to our McConomy Auditorium, the Footlights technical crew was able to prepare the lighting, music, and basic set design needed for the group's two performances, and the effects were stunning.

At the beginning of each show, audience members were warned by the cast that if they did not find the Footlights performance funny, it was certainly not the comedians’ fault — there was simply too much of a cultural divide. However, this was definitely not a problem. It was amusing to watch the show, but equally amusing watching the audience members’ reactions to the Footlights. Everyone was laughing, rolling backward and forward in their chairs as the Footlights danced around the stage, showed clips of people “snogging,” and described birds.

However, if you missed this act and would like to experience the thrill of a live performance, it is definitely worth attending Scotch’n’Soda’s Rocky Horror Picture Show. Directed by Nick Petrillo, a senior mechanical engineering major, this musical will be just as thrilling as “traditional” Rocky performances. For veteran Rocky viewers, it is interesting to note that none of the scenes have been cut or edited in these Carnegie Mellon performances; you can still expect the character Frank to wear his high heels and a corset. Also, Petrillo affirmed that you can still feel free to participate in the show as an audience member. The program for the performance will have a list of all the points during the show when the audience members can “intrude” into the performance itself.

According to Petrillo, the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is extremely talented and was selectively chosen after numerous auditions. This is a first-time directing experience for Petrillo, who is excited for the upcoming performances. Having participated twice in the Rocky Horror Picture Show in his high school, he had originally submitted a proposal for the show to the Scotch’n’Soda board last year because the expected performance dates had corresponded with Halloween then — making it an opportune moment for such an interesting show. However, his proposal was accepted as this year’s musical instead. He is especially looking forward to the “Time Warp” scene in the show, as well as senior chemical engineering major Dan Wetzel’s dance choreography. He warned that the show was “not going to be politically correct,” so be prepared for craziness.

For seasoned Scotch’n’Soda fans, there will also be a Cabaret after the Rocky shows, as well as other theater productions throughout the year to look forward to.