Dollar movie

September 30

The Protector
Thursday, Sept. 30
8 10 12

Currently the most successful Thai film to be released in the United States, this 2005 martial arts film centers around a Bangkok youth named Kham who leaves his home and embarks on an adventure to Australia to retrieve his two elephants, stolen by an international Thai Mafia. In Thai culture, elephants stand for both peace and war-readiness. If Kham wishes to attempt a successful rescue, he must learn from the elephants and utilize his muay Thai fighting skills. Fun fact: the style of fighting depicted in this, “muay” or “muaykodchasarn,” roughly translates in English to “elephant boxing.”

October 1

The Karate Kid
Friday, Oct. 1
7:30 10 12:30

Featuring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, this 2010 remake of The Karate Kid is able to stand on its own. Smith plays 12-year-old Drey Parker, who moves with his single mom from Detroit all the way to China. In Beijing, culture shock takes on a physical form for Drey through the class bully, Cheng. Never fear, though — in the spirit of the original The Karate Kid, an unassuming janitor named Mr. Han, played by Chan, steps in and helps Drey grow mentally and physically into a character worthy of the name “karate kid.” Fun fact: Although the movie is titled The Karate Kid, only kung fu is performed in it.

October 2

Enter the Dragon
Saturday, Oct. 2
8 10 12

If you are a martial arts film buff, this movie is for you. Watch Bruce Lee at his finest as he goes undercover for British intelligence as a competitor in a martial arts tournament. His assignment is to infiltrate the activities of an illegal drug and prostitution ring. However, the job becomes personal when Lee discovers that the head of the gang, Han, was responsible for his sister’s death. Fun fact: Watch out for a Jackie Chan cameo towards the end of the movie.

October 3

Kung Fu Hustle
Sunday, Oct. 3
8 10 12

Stephen Chow has written a love letter to kung fu cinema in this 2004 movie that was nominated for a Golden Globe. Set in Canton, China in the 1940s, the main character, Sing, wants to be a part of the powerful Axe Gang. In an effort to prove himself, Sing attempts to rob a barber in a slum called Pig Sty. However, Sing gets more than he bargained for when he discovers that the slum is really full of kung fu masters. Soon enough the Axe Gang arrives, and their presence forces Sing to make a choice: become a gangster or save the day. Fun fact: If you can’t get enough of this movie, the sequel is coming out 2012.