Did you know?

100 years ago
Sept. 21, 1910
“The Seniors are looking especially fine this year,” reads a line from a section of the paper discussing women in the Margaret Morrison college. Glad to see that, 100 years later, this is still the case.

50 years ago
Sept. 28, 1960
Delays in construction of a new stadium force the football team to play its first two games on the road. Students who still want to travel to see the team play are instructed to... Wait, there’s no reason to even finish that sentence. As if students would travel to see the team play.

25 years ago
Sept. 17, 1985
An article on Ronnie James Dio, ex-lead singer of the bands Black Sabbath and Dio, reminded me of the rock star’s recent passing due to cancer. May you forever “ride the tiger” and rock the gods in heaven, Dio.

10 years ago
Sept. 18, 2000
A Business article about on-campus vendors makes note of how credit card solicitors have found success hawking their wares to students. You mean poor college students at a smart school are falling for the credit card industry’s traps?

5 years ago
Sept. 19, 2005
A Pillbox article mentions that The Real World will be doing a casting call at a bar in Oakland this week and offers advice on how to make the show. What it doesn’t offer: advice on how to get your dignity back after your time on the show.

1 year ago
Sept. 21, 2009
Hard to believe that the G-20 was one year ago today. However, it isn’t hard to forget the day off from school we got when all those dignitaries were in town. Y’all come back now, ya hear?