Did you know?

100 years ago
Sept. 21, 1910
The “Curious Facts” section of this week’s paper states that the world’s population averages 109 women for every 100 men. Hear that, ladies? Looks like one of you will eventually have to settle for me.

50 years ago
Sept. 28, 1960
Scotch’n’Soda is in search of an upperclassman to serve as publicity director for a spring production. I wonder why it had to be an upperclassman — maybe they could already tell that the first-years were talentless hacks who couldn’t cut it in the theater world.

25 years ago
Sept. 17, 1985
After Zeta Beta Tau was banned from campus the year before, this week’s paper reveals that Carnegie Mellon has decided to use the fraternity’s former residence as an all-first-year dorm. So much for not recruiting during Orientation.

10 years ago
Sept. 11, 2000
The Activities Fair was held the previous week with a great turnout from organizations and students looking to get involved on campus. This seems like a great opportunity to advertise my club.

5 years ago
Sept. 12, 2005
A Forum writer argues that the 800-page printing quota is unfair for those students taking a healthy dose of English classes. Students in many majors barely touch their printing quotas; why don’t you just ask around? I’m willing to share.

1 year ago
Sept. 14, 2009
A News article notes how every dormitory at Carnegie Mellon is in a competition to be the most green on campus. I know, we could have a bake sale and a lemonade stand and we’ll be rolling in dough. Wait, did you mean the environment?