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For many students, the decision to come to Carnegie Mellon University was based not only on the hope of getting a great education but also on graduating and getting a great job. We have spent the last year organizing the Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) to make sure that is the case.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 230 booths will be filled with company recruiters from across the country. All Carnegie Mellon students and alumni are welcome to attend.

This year, the TOC is being held exclusively in Wiegand Gym and is two days long. While the two-day event may spread out job-hunting stress to a second day, it gives students more time to meet with company recruiters. An overwhelming one-day event is avoided, and more companies can attend.

What you may not know about the TOC is that it is organized by a group of students from the Society of Women Engineers. Even before the current TOC begins, work is already underway for next year’s event. The TOC committee works all year to make each year’s TOC better than the last. As students, we understand the priorities of attendees and work to make the event serve you.

Both of us have been involved with the TOC since our freshman year. We’ve learned a little more each year, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the event. Student and recruiter feedback is a great resource for us. So if there is something you want us to know or think should be different, speak out. The campus population is very diverse, and the more opinions we hear, the better able we are to create an event to serve it.

Finding a job is a stressful experience. Carnegie Mellon recognizes this and has a variety of resources to help make the process easier. We encourage you to check out the TOC website at ( "") to see the calendar of events. You can also visit the Career and Professional Development Center website at

So whether you need to find a full-time position, an internship, or just want to see what the TOC is all about, there is something for you at the 2010 Technical Opportunities Conference.