Hey scumbuckets!

My name is Juan Fernandez, the general manager of WRCT, Carnegie Mellon’s student-run community freeform radio station. It rules.

I assume that you’re tired of getting in your car, turning the radio dial for five minutes, and finding nothing but bland jazz, cheesy country, and mind-numbing top 40-hits, right? Well, joining WRCT is your chance to change the radio landscape in Pittsburgh. Don’t just sit around and complain about how atrocious radio is nowadays — get off your rump and help us pump out some great radio!

Jazz, breakbeat, Balkans music, J-pop, doom metal, experimental jazz, drum and bass, swing, cumbia, chiptunes, grindcore, hardcore rap, indie pop — when we play music, it’s serious business.

I’m guessing everyone on campus is competing for your attention, so I’ll try not to bombard you with too much information. Just know that you’ve got a place with us here at WRCT Pittsburgh: The community at the station is stupendous, and the station culture is a nurturing one.

If you want to chat us up and learn more about what we do, we’ll be out on the Cut playing music for the first two weeks of classes. Stop by and introduce yourselves. We’d love to meet you and take you in as part of the radio family.

The official WRCT Fall Orientation will be on Saturday, Sept. 11 at 7 p.m. in Rangos Hall, so save the date!

Have any questions? Send them to the training director at training@wrct.org.

Bisous for now,

Juan Fernandez