Dollar Movie

August 26

The Ghost Writer
7:30 10 12:30
This 2010 thriller directed by Roman Polanski has a strong cast and enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat for the duration of the flick. In the movie, Ewan McGregor plays a successful British ghostwriter who agrees to complete the memoirs of a former British prime minister played by Pierce Brosnan. All is not as it seems, however, as McGregor is soon ensnared in a tangled web of lies he could never have expected. Based on the 2007 novel titled The Ghost, The Ghost Writer is sure to leave you wanting more. Fun fact: Polanski was arrested and put under house arrest during a large portion of production.

August 27

Shutter Island
7:30 10 12:30
Shutter Island is a drama set in 1954 starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, and Ben Kingsley. DiCaprio and Ruffalo are U.S. marshals who travel to a mysterious hospital on Shutter Island for criminally insane patients — or are they? It is believed that they are investigating a missing patient who took the lives of her three children and who also happened to vanish into thin air. The film is a solid thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. Fun fact: This flick is director Martin Scorsese’s fourth collaboration with DiCaprio and is also Scorsese’s highest grossing film.

August 28

The Graduate
8 10 12
Benjamin Braddock (played by Dustin Hoffman) is just like your everyday normal recent college graduate — no real goals set in his life, no job, and, oh yeah, in love with a girl while sleeping with her mother, who also happens to be his father’s business partner’s wife. Got all that? Indeed, sexual energy is all over this flick, which grasps the free-swingin’ ’60s movement very well. Fun fact: Robert Redford was basically deemed too lucky with women by the director to get Hoffman’s role.

August 29

Fight Club
7:30 10 12:30
Based on Chuck Palahniuk’s novel of the same name, Fight Club is an Oscar-nominated film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in some of the most bad-ass roles of their careers. Norton plays a man who is living a very quiet life until he meets soap salesman extraordinaire Tyler Durden, played by Pitt. The two men move in together soon after meeting and begin starting up fight clubs all across the United States. These clubs promote violence toward any and all authority. The film’s surprise ending is one of the best movie endings I’ve ever seen, set to a song by The Pixies. Fun fact: If you have never seen this movie, I challenge you to a fight.