Did You Know?

50 years ago
Sept. 28, 1960
A mysterious box among the advertisements in this issue has a border of sevens and simply states “Revelation is Coming!” Now this could mean anything, but I would put safe money on the idea that the printer rebelled against the real ad signaling the start of the robo-pocalypse.

25 years ago
Sept. 10, 1985
An article in News this issue notes that the university is attempting to elimimnate “deadbeat” students. These students were able to attend classes and use university facilities without paying fees.

15 years ago
Sept. 5, 1995
The Tartan runs the first installment of its multipart coverage of the “Cyberporn” study. Martin Rimm, a 1994 graduate, was called in front of Congress and featured on the cover of Time for his controversial study on Internet pornography.

10 years ago
Sept. 5, 2000
Past Orientations apparently tended to be a lot more violent, as a photo shows first-years smashing an old car with a sledgehammer as part of a “traditional, crowd-drawing event.” No word on why it’s no longer a tradition, but I’m going to guess it was very bloody.

5 years ago
Aug. 25, 2005
“Executive Privilege” is the title of a column in which Bradford L. Yankiver urges support for The Tartan in the wake of recent financial troubles and a nationwide decline in newspaper readership. Not much has changed in the past five years.

1 year ago
Aug. 24, 2009
A News article examines the switch in food vendors to CulinArt and the swarm of new eatery options that were available on campus. As this writer can attest, the campus food is much better than in years past, though the student body still seems to be complaining about it.