Dollar movie

The Antique</ b >
Tuesday, April 6</ br>

You’re in for a treat here as AB presents a free pre-screening of The Antique, a spooky film that the studio is audience-testing before it hits theaters nationwide. The film, which runs just 65 minutes, is a horror story about a momma’s boy who starts to see and hear things after he finds an antique picture frame. Everything gets a little bit creepier as the main character wonders whether he is going insane or a ghost is actually haunting him and his family.

A Serious Man</ br>
Thursday, April 8</ br>
8 10 12

Noted directors Joel and Ethan Cohen penned this flick about a Midwestern professor whose life begins to go down the tubes after a series of bizarre and inexplicable events. The dark comedy, which has earned rave reviews from critics across the country, focuses on men and women trying to make some sense of the events that unfold. The story is loosely based on the life of Job from the Bible, not Will Arnett’s character from Arrested Development.

Up in the Air</ br>
Friday, April 9</ br>
10 12:30

Up in the Air is a stellar film from director Jason Reitman, famous for Juno. George Clooney and newcomer Anna Kendrick star in this trendy movie that focuses on people whose job it is to break the news to the thousands of people who are fired every day. An extremely timely movie due to the recent recession, Up in the Air is a funny, yet thoughtful, look at the ups and downs of everyday working life.

Sherlock Holmes</ br>
Saturday, April 10</ br>
10 12:30

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law star as Holmes and Watson in this frenetic and brawny update of the well-known detective. With a recent spate of movies getting gritty reboots nowadays, Sherlock Holmes is one of few that does not disappoint, largely thanks to Downey Jr.’s incredible charm on the big screen. Fun fact: Sherlock Holmes has been played by more actors than any other character in the history of cinema.

Boondock Saints II</ br>
Sunday, April 11</ br>
7:30 10 12:30

Even though the original Boondock Saints never needed a sequel due to its status as one of the greatest cult classic movies ever made, director Troy Duffy chose to make one. The sequel is another revenge thriller, bringing the MacManus brothers back to Boston on a killing spree after their priest is murdered by mobsters. Fun fact: This flick is arguably tamer than the original, with the F-word being used 136 times, as opposed to 247 in the first Boondock Saints.