Dollar movie

April 29

The Cove
Thursday, April 29
8 10 12
Documentary Thursday continues this week with The Cove, a 2009 Academy Award-winning film. The documentary is about dolphins, though not at all in a cute way, but rather in a much sadder and tragic way. The crew infiltrates a cove near Taijii, Japan to reveal horrific instances of animal abuse perpetrated by the Japanese whaling industry. The movie follows Ric O’Barry, who famously trained the Flipper dolphins, as he documents the dolphin hunting operations that some Japanese fishermen try desperately to hide from the public eye.

April 30

Pink Prison
Friday, April 30
Stay Tuned for Times
It’s TBA time, folks. The movie this semester is a dreamy Danish erotic film for women, though men will surely enjoy it. Pink Prison follows a news reporter as she breaks into a men’s penitentiary to win a bet. That may sound like a flimsy plot, but this flick was actually a big success overseas and turns a whole bunch of porn-film perceptions upside down in the process. Be sure to take your friends if you go watch Pink Prison, because if there’s anything that will bring a group of guys and girls together, it’s a good old-fashioned Carnegie Mellon tradition.

May 1

Saturday, May 1
8 10 12
ALLIES partners with AB Films this week to bring you Transamerica. Felicity Huffman stars in this 2005 dramedy as a transgendered woman who goes on a road trip with her long-lost 17-year-old son, whom she fathered before she became a woman. Crazy, ain’t it? The movie received fairly positive reviews, including many for Huffman’s performance as the lead. The mother/son road trip acts as a personal journey for both, where they experience self-discovery and all that other mushy stuff. So if you’re into good films that reference vaginoplasty, this is one for you.

May 2

The Number 23
Sunday, May 2
8 10 12
In Jim Carrey’s only — and hopefully last — foray into suspense thrillers, he stars as an animal control officer married to Virginia Madsen, a cake shop owner. Carrey discover a book in a used-book store written by a man obsessed with the number 23 and, along with the book, inherits the author’s obsession. The movie itself received mixed reviews, as Carrey is often perceived as a strictly comedic author. Personally, if Jim Carrey just performed Liar, Liar on stage for the rest of his life, I think everyone would be perfectly happy.