Did you know?

100 Years Ago
April 27, 1910
The Tech baseball team triumphed over Denison this week after a game-winning single in the bottom of the ninth. However, this apparently wasn’t enough to save the program as a whole, as we no longer have a varsity baseball team.

50 Years Ago **
**April 27, 1960

In the article “Tech Installs The Latest In Computers,” one author discusses a computer purchased by Carnegie Tech that was capable of a whopping 50,000 computations a second. I don’t know what that means, but some CS major is probably laughing really hard right now.

25 Years Ago
April 23, 1985
An ad for the film 2010 appears in this issue as a film AB is premiering for free on campus. With a subtitle of “the year we make contact,” it seems like our 2010 could end up getting pretty crazy if things work out like they did in the film.

10 Years Ago
April 24, 2000
A structure near the Purnell Center on the Cut was erected recently, celebrating the University’s centennial. Just like “Walking to the Sky,” it too is phallic shaped, albeit to a smaller extent. I am happy to see that Carnegie Mellon is drawing connections through its choice of campus art.

5 Years Ago **
**April 25, 2005

A hacker apparently attacked computers in the Tepper School of Business in the past couple weeks, possibly compromising the information of up to 6000 students. I wouldn’t be worried; it was probably just some CS student who changed everyone’s name to Optimus Prime.

1 Year Ago **
**April 27, 2009

WRCT celebrated its 60th anniversary of being a radio station this year and consistently being at the forefront of music technology. Good thing WRCT didn’t honor their heritage by playing tunes from the 1950s... because apparently that’s the era I get my jokes from.