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Dear Rohit,

I was recently caught by the police for public drunkenness. Besides this smear, I’m usually a model student. I get straight As, volunteer for charity regularly, and am even used as a role model by my adviser for incoming freshmen. How do I keep this red mark from invading my otherwise squeaky-clean image?

—Drunk with Regret

Dear Drunk,

To answer in short: You don’t. The fact of the matter is that you acted irresponsibly, and now you’re paying for it. While your first impulse may be to cover it all up, the more honorable thing to do is accept your mistake head on. You may get scolded by others, your adviser may stop using you as a role model for freshmen, but eventually, all the commotion about your citation will pass, and you can get back to your old lifestyle.

To be honest, chances are you’ll screw up again. Just make sure that when you make future mistakes, you try to learn something from them. I know I sound like an old man saying this, but now’s the time to make these mistakes. When we all grow up and are responsible for not only ourselves but many others, we won’t have the luxury of getting irresponsibly drunk. I hope you can get through these hard times with your chin up. Just remember, it’s a wonderful life, even when you’re caught drinking.

You’ll sober up,


Dear Rohit,

I’m graduating this semester and I am in panic mode! I have no idea what life outside college is going to be like and, to be honest, I don’t think I am ready for it. Can you help me with this?


Dear Senioritis,

Just relax. Thousands of students before you have graduated from this great institution of ours. Look at how successful they have been. If there’s one thing I have learned from Carnegie Mellon (aside from how to work abnormal hours and take a vacation that lasts less than 72 hours every four years), it’s that college has prepared me for challenges. Can it get much harder than it already is here?

I do realize that life will be more unpredictable once we graduate, but isn’t that what we’re preparing for? As far as friends and relationships go — just because you are not in college anymore does not mean that they will disappear from your life. If they are worth having, then they will always be there, and if not, life is about meeting new people every day and learning new things. Take a deep breath and I assure you that things will turn out just fine. Do, however, send me 10 percent of your earnings five years down the line for this great piece of advice!

**You are cured, **