Did you know?

100 years ago
April 13, 1910
This week’s issue features an editorial criticizing the university’s lack of school spirit. Specifically, the authors lament the quality of the singing of the “Alma Mater” when Andrew Carnegie visited. Some things never seem to change.

50 years ago
April 13, 1960
This week’s issue notes that Student Congress is trying to change the judicial system from the current disorganized process to a more formal procedure. The writer notes that this is the “most important business of the year” and that students will have more control over their own discipline. Interesting take; however, this year’s voter turnout suggests otherwise.

25 years ago
April 9, 1985
The Sports section dedicated six pages to a 1985 baseball preview commentary this week. The story offers predictions about every Major League team, saying that the Detroit Tigers would beat the New York Mets in the World Series. In fact, the Kansas City Royals beat the St. Louis Cardinals. Oops?

10 years ago
April 10, 2000
An editorial this week notes that Dining Services is making sweeping changes in response to criticism about campus dining options. The Coalition for Dining’s New Atmosphere came up with several improvements that would be implemented in the coming months. If on-campus dining got better after 2000, I don’t want to know what it was like before.

5 years ago
April 11, 2005
A How Things Work article this week explains the science of beaches and “the wonderful world of coastal formation.” The author discusses the different types of waves and currents. All of this is no doubt useful to many Carnegie Mellon students who are too busy doing homework over spring break to actually visit a beach.

1 year ago
April 13, 2009
One News article this week investigates the consumption of caffeine at Carnegie Mellon. One professor stated that he usually drank about 10 small cups of coffee per day, while another lamented the withdrawal symptoms she experienced when trying to avoid the beverage. Why give up the only thing that keeps you awake during that 8:30 a.m. history lecture?