Leadership Perspectives

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Working on Spring Carnival Committee (SCC) has been a very exciting and enriching experience. SCC delegates its tasks to its 14 subcommittees, so almost every member of SCC is a chair or co-chair. Even if it’s your first time working on the committee, you’re given a fair amount of responsibility. But there’s also a lot of support from other committee members when you need help or just aren't sure how something works.

As chair, I watch the big picture of Carnival and make sure everything is coming together as needed. This includes watching over the subcommittees to make sure everyone is on track, and helping them along when they need it. I also end up doing some special projects that don’t fall under any of the subcommittees.
Despite all of the work that SCC does, most of it is meaningless without the over 30 organizations that build booths. SCC works hard to organize the entertainment on Midway, the fireworks show, and other aspects of Carnival, but a large component of what we do is to support the Booth competition.

Last Friday, everyone building booths moved on to the Morewood parking lot with pieces of their booths so they can finish building them and have them ready to open on Thursday. What makes Booth amazing is not just the impressive design of these structures and the thought put into them, but the hard work and dedication of all those who build booths. Every booth that you see on Midway is thought up, designed, and built by students here at Carnegie Mellon.
Booth is an experience that benefits both the people building booths and the campus community. In the process of building a booth, students get a chance to learn skills they might not otherwise have, such as electrical wiring, framing a wall, or other carpentry skills. Booth, and the rest of Midway, also provides a wonderful experience for everyone on campus and all of our neighbors to have fun, relax, and enjoy the great work put into the booths.

At the very least, I encourage everyone to visit Midway this week during Carnival. But to get the full experience of Carnival, you should really get more involved, whether you help build a booth, work on a Buggy team, or do something else.

If you’re interested in doing something for Carnival, but you don’t want to build booths, getting involved with SCC is a great way to participate. If you have any questions relating to Carnival, send an e-mail to