Spring 2010 TV guide

Got a favorite show? Plan a TV night with your friends in a dorm lounge. (credit: Frances Soong | Art Staff) Got a favorite show? Plan a TV night with your friends in a dorm lounge. (credit: Frances Soong | Art Staff)

It’s a Monday night, and most Carnegie Mellon students have done their homework and have absolutely nothing to do. The laundry is done, the rooms are cleaned, and the meals cooked, but time simply won’t fly. One could watch TV, but with so many TV shows out, we just don’t know which ones are worth watching and which ones are not. Well, worry not; here is your ideal spring TV show guide. Below is a list of some of the most popular series going on right now, my personal favorites and definitely some to watch out for. Statutory warning: Some of these TV shows are extremely addictive; ready for all-nighters?

After eight seasons, people would assume that a show would lose its charm or become boring and prolonged, but 24 proves otherwise. Each season of this show has 24 action-packed episodes, each an hour long. My personal favorite character from this popular series is Jack Bauer. Throughout the series, he is constantly put in positions that require re-examination of a person’s fundamental beliefs about what is right and wrong. 24 is one of the most innovative, ground-breaking, intelligent, well-written, unpredictable, and suspenseful television series of its time.

One Tree Hill
A very old, yet popular, TV series that seemed to have lost its charm is back with a seventh season. After a series of dramatic and unnecessary episodes, this TV classic has regained its spark even though its two principal characters — Peyton (Hilarie Burton) and Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) — have left the show. This season has jumped 14 months into the future, with each of the characters settled in their jobs and lives. If you have never seen the show, you have a lot of catching up to do. I personally do not recommend seasons five and six, but the first few seasons and season seven are must-watches. And for all those interested, Robert Buckley from The Lipstick Jungle is now playing an irresistible agent in the reinvented series. One Tree Hill is scheduled to resume again on April 26.

Gossip Girl
What could better describe the show than the series’ own catch phrase: “You know you love me.” This show takes college and the New York Upper East Side drama to another level. Currently airing season four, this show has made its way to the top of many people’s lists. You have to love Blair Waldorf and her ways and the way Chuck Bass and she complement one another. Even though it might be difficult for many to relate to this level of drama, you can’t help but be addicted to the show. Gossip Girl allows you to look into the lives of the “Queen Bee,” the young girl trying to make her way to the top of the social ladder, the cute boy next door, the player, and the lost party girl finding her way in life.

Modern Family
A hilarious show capturing the experiences of being a parent, no matter how chaotic and impossible and highly embarrassing it may be, Modern Family makes you laugh until you’re almost in tears. Still on its first season, this show is about the stories of three families. The first family is made up of an extremely old man and his gorgeous young wife. The second is that of his son and the son’s gay husband, and the third family is the old man’s daughter’s family. The show is a pleasant relief from all the drama and suspense of college life.

Of course, there are several other great TV shows currently going on. Did you think that you weren’t getting enough of Greek community drama at Carnegie Mellon and you wanted more? Then the TV show Greek seems like the show for you. Other shows that are worth watching include* Jersey Shore*, an extremely hilarious TV show, How I met Your Mother, 90210, American Idol, Chuck, Lost, and Community. Also, make sure to watch out for this year’s 100 Questions and The Deep End.