Dollar movie

April 1

It Might Get Loud
Thursday, April 1
8 10 12

Well-known guitarists Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White are the focus of this documentary about the history of the electric guitar. The movie tracks the development of the unique styles of each of these three men, from how they initially learned to play to how their distinctive sounds paved their way to success. The film concludes with a meeting of the three rockers. It Might Get Loud is an entertaining look for those who want a detailed insight into the minds of some of the greatest guitarists of today.

April 2

The Princess and the Frog
Friday, April 2
6 8 10 12

The Princess and the Frog was nominated for three Academy Awards. But perhaps most importantly, the movie’s lead character Tiana is Disney’s first black animated princess. The story itself is a classic: Through a series of crazy happenings, a prince is turned into a frog, and our heroine meets the same fate after being mistaken for a princess by the prince. The two decide to team up to fix their dilemma and face much hilarity and shenanigans along the way. The film is widely viewed as a commercial as well as a critical success, having made $300 million worldwide.

April 3

No Instruments Aloud
Saturday April 3
Time: TBA

The Carnegie Mellon Originals are an all-male a cappella group that have been performing around campus since the beginning of 1996. This Saturday, the a cappella group will convene to present the annual concert No Instruments Aloud in McConomy Auditorium. Last year, the group performed several songs including “Grazing in the Grass,” “Lost in Canada,” “Hanging by a Moment,” and “Paralyzer.” Also performing at the event is Carnegie Mellon’s coed a cappella group Soundbytes.

April 4

Sunday April 4
8 10 12

A world where everyone’s a vampire — sounds like the dream of every Twilight fan? Only, in this world, everyone is a “bad” vampire and they have imprisoned the remaining humans to farm them for their tasty, nutritious blood. That’s the premise of Daybreakers, a 2010 sci-fi thriller starring the actors of Jurassic Park. The film’s distinctive look and story have earned it decent reviews among critics and moviegoers alike. Fun fact: To make it look like the world was overrun with vampires, the makers of the movie hosted a contest where ordinary people could submit images of such a world online.