Did you know?

100 years ago
March 30, 1910

Excitement is in the air as news spreads that Andrew Carnegie would be visiting the school during session for the first time. The mood would be much different were Carnegie to visit school today, because it would mean that the zombie apocalypse is upon us.

50 years ago
March 30, 1960

An ad for WRCT notes that the station can now be heard in almost every fraternity along with the married students’ dorm on campus. Wait, this school had married student dorms? Maybe love can be found in even the most unlikely places.

25 years ago
April 2, 1985

In the annual Natrat issue, it is declared that Carnegie Mellon was issued one of the final at-large bids for the NCAA’s March Madness tournament along with Cabdriver Tech. And it only took a 6400-team tournament to get us in.

10 years ago
April 10, 2000

A coalition was created this week to look into improving the atmosphere of dining facilities on campus. Plans to decorate areas in celebration of Carnegie Mellon’s heritage were considered but scrapped when coordinators realized that the food would still be terrible.

5 years ago
March 28, 2005

A Forum article argues that Pennsylvania should update its outdated constitution and claims that the state we reside in “still runs on 1870s principles.” Acting as if the wheel were never invented once it comes time to get the snowplows out after a winter storm, for example?

1 year ago
March 30, 2009

An article notes that Carnegie Mellon police recently patrolled the crosswalks at Forbes and Morewood, ticketing those who committed violations by crossing when or where they weren’t supposed to. Obviously enough, the entire campus population saw a $30 drain on their bank accounts during this week, because who crosses Forbes when they are supposed to, anyway?