Election debates educate student body about candidates' platforms

Candidates for student body president and vice president elaborate on their platforms at the elections debate. Watch the complete video on cmuTV's website, youtube page.

The candidates for student body president and vice president elaborated on their platforms at a debate held by The Tartan and the Elections Board yesterday. Each pair of candidates had a different take on how to shape student government in the upcoming year. Jarrett Adams, a junior information systems major, and Kate Smith, a junior social and decision science major, described their platform's focus as improving the student experience. Michael Surh and Micah Rosa, both junior business majors, targeted adapting the student body to the effects of the economic recession. Casey Brander, a junior art major — whose running mate Matt Sandler, a junior BCSA major, wasn't present but participated through a video introduction — stressed how she would tap into her creative experiences to impact student government.

Voting opens this Saturday and runs until Tuesday, April 6.