Did You Know?

100 years ago:
March 2, 1910
The Craftsmen’s Club urged members to attend its upcoming meeting as “some important business transactions” would be taking place. I did not realize that one could secretly advertise one’s covert drug deals via The Tartan — stay tuned, druggies.

50 years ago:
March 2, 1960
An article announced a “sizable increase” in men’s dormitory rates for the ’60–’61 school year. For example, a double suite with bath would fetch a whopping $350 for the year. If you just cried a little on the inside, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

25 years ago:
March 5, 1985
Equipment failures caused for an “unusual typographic make-up” of the issue this week, for which The Tartan apologized. An homage to Sesame Street noted that the issue was brought to you by the letters F and A. Really, Sesame Street? What are we, four?

10 years ago:
Feb. 28, 2000
The Carnegie Almanac, which reports events that happened in Carnegie Mellon’s past, notes that a brawl broke out between SAE and PiKA during an all-fraternity party. Are these fraternities on 10-year brawl cycles or something?

5 years ago:
Feb. 28, 2005
This week’s “How Things Work” offered up all you needed to know about the wonderful process that is making vodka. I’m surprised that The Tartan allowed this article to grace its pages while my requests for an article about the proper way to shoot heroin have been ignored entirely.

1 year ago:
March 2, 2009
Health Talk explored the medical phenomenon that is Encephalitis Lethargica, otherwise known as the “sleeping sickness.” Those afflicted were known to fall into comatose states, a common consequence for many after reading my columns.