Consider the ups and downs of this weekend’s movie date

Every year around this time, a new romantic comedy seems to hit the theaters. It usually has an attractive cast and is built around an adorable little story that interconnects most of the main characters. Several of these flicks have shown up these past few years, indicating they have truly run out of creativity in Hollywood. But I am here to tell you that they are not your only options if you are out of ideas for your sweetheart and decide to phone it in one night by watching a movie together. You actually have a plethora of movie genres to choose from with which you may “set the mood.” But be careful, because each genre comes with its own pros and cons that you must be wary of whenever attending a movie.


The action genre is actually a tricky line to walk at times. If your significant other enjoys good shoot-’em-up features that really get the juices flowing, you may be going home with someone revved up and ready for action. But, and this is the unfortunate case for many out there, sometimes a person gets so involved in the no-holds-barred, non-stop action that they neglect the very person they came with. To be honest, watching Bruce Willis rip a man’s throat out while yelling “Yippee kay ay mother….” doesn’t exactly act as a prime opportunity for hand-holding or anything really romantic.


Every great horror movie has its fair share of tense moments that lend you good opportunities to hold your date close to “save” him or her from the monster or axe murderer. What better time to say “I’ll protect you from anything” than when you’re holding your significant other close while some dude’s being chopped into little pieces by Michael Myers? Still, despite its color, blood isn’t exactly the most romantic thing to see on Valentine’s Day, at least according to the girl I gave a vial of mine to back in high school.


With dramas, there’s nothing better than offering up a shoulder to cry on when the star-crossed lovers finally break through all barriers and passionately kiss while the credits roll. It’s also a chance to show your partner that you do, in fact, have those things called emotions and the ability to sense the sufferings of others. But be careful: The wrong kind of flick may cause her to realize you are actually the one keeping her from the true man of her dreams. Avoid any films that bear even the slightest resemblance to any part of either of your past or present lives.

There are, of course, many other genres that could work well or be disastrous for you this holiday. Musicals, for example, could make someone feel like they are living a fairy-tale life, while at the same time make your date realize that you have no discernible musical or artistic talent whatsoever. Regardless of what you choose to do for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, remember that the most important thing is that you’re with someone you truly enjoy being around.