2010 Valentine’s Day gift guide

Make a homemade valentine to go along with your gift or spell out a message in candy hearts. (credit: Kristen Severson | Publisher) Make a homemade valentine to go along with your gift or spell out a message in candy hearts. (credit: Kristen Severson | Publisher) Credit: Frances Soong | Art Staff Credit: Frances Soong | Art Staff

Get some help on what to buy your sweetie this Valentine’s Day with these fresh and unique ideas.

Top five gifts for her:

  • Personalized photo gifts: Girls adore pictures of the both of you. Let it be in a frame, as a collage, or even as a personalized gift (magnets, mouse pads, mugs and female-favorite teddy bears). Girls will totally go for one of these, and it’ll be a great way to show her that you treasure your memories together.

  • “100 things I love about you”: These are cute diaries in which you can write what you love about your special girl. First off, check Barnes and Noble to see if they have similar diaries available. She can treasure it for life and it will show her how much you love her.

  • Heart-shaped box with goodies: Buy a heart-shaped gift box and fill it up with things she likes. Depending on what her hobbies are and what she’s involved in, personalize a couple of small gifts. Fill the rest of the box with things like a framed photo of the both of you, a small jar filled with candy hearts and chocolates, (Hershey’s Kisses are a plus.) Put a small card on top with an “Exclusively for you” sort of message and you’re good to go.

  • An engraved piece of jewelry: I’m pretty sure that every guy on this planet knows that jewelry plus girls equals heaven! So guys, if you’re in a very committed relationship, go for it. On the other hand, if you just started dating then I would say to put a hold on this, but definitely look into this as your next Valentine’s Day gift. Engraved jewelry is a girl’s favorite, and she would absolutely love the fact that you think about her deeply enough to get all of this done.

  • A candlelight homemade dinner: Before your house- or flatmates get to it, book your place for Valentine’s Day dinner and arrange for a romantic, candlelit evening. As a side note, girls will be more impressed with how everything looks and how you present it rather than how the food actually tastes, so don’t worry too much. If you’re not too good of a cook, however, it’s always a good idea to either call a friend beforehand, or to have a back-up, like order-in food, and make sure that it looks great and presentable.

Top five gifts for him:

  • A photo puzzle: These lovely things are available all over the Internet. Just leave a cute message and a picture of the both of you in the puzzle. It’ll give the boys something fun to do and they’ll like solving it to see what the message and picture say.

  • Fun “s’mores”: This is a fun and witty way to profess your love to that special one. Get all the basic ingredients to make delicious s’mores: a stack of milk chocolate bars, marshmallows, a box of graham crackers, and marshmallow roasting sticks, along with a sweet and romantic card. Wrap all the ingredients up and attach the card outside with a note saying “Every day, I love you s’mores.”

  • Personalized boxer shorts: Need something fun yet naughty to give to your significant other? A personalized pair of boxer shorts is the perfect gift. Every guy would love these, and many would be very curious to find out what this hints at.

  • Message in a bottle: The ultimate way to profess one’s love. Get a pretty glass bottle and engrave both your names on it. Write a perfect letter that shows exactly how you feel and slip it in. Though some guys might not admit to it, all of them would adore the fact that you spilled out your heart to them.

  • Tokens of affection: A set of 10 romantic love tokens, which can be redeemed at any time. For example, “kiss for a token” would imply that your special one can exchange that token for a kiss. Personalize these tokens and have fun exchanging tokens for other things. Guys would love to play this game and would love the fact that they can ask for a hug, a kiss, or a massage whenever they feel like it.