Ask The Tartan: Valentine's Day

Credit: Frances Soong Credit: Frances Soong

Curious about how The Tartan staff celebrates Valentine’s Day? Take a look inside the minds of some of the people who work at the paper with this romantic survey.

1. Do you like Valentine’s Day? Why or why not?

Why do you have to show all your love on one day? Why not every day? Unless someone gives me free candy, or perhaps diamonds, I don’t see the point. —CC
Who couldn’t like a holiday that specifically excludes people based on their likability/attractiveness to others? Oh right, me. —JK
I feel no shame admitting that I adore Valentine’s Day more than any other holiday. It’s unhealthy. —MD

2. Who are you spending your Valentine’s Day with?

Your mom. And I will not be calling her the next day. —JK
The Tartan staff. Yay all-day Sunday production! —IJ

3. Describe your best Valentine’s Day memory:

A good friend of mine bought a tub of cotton candy at the local supermarket and asked all of his girl friends to be his valentine by getting on one knee and offering a chunk of his cotton candy to them. —MP
For the past six years I have been single on Valentine’s Day. Such a thing does not apply. —IJ

4. Describe your worst Valentine’s Day memory:

Junior year in high school I broke up with my boyfriend the day after Valentine’s Day because he ditched me for a skateboarding competition. Triumphant day for me, bad day for him. —MD
That lonely one. —JK

5. What is your idea of the perfect date?

Sitting on a really comfortable couch eating Chinese food while watching TV on a 52-inch screen and playing fun cutesy video games, such as Resident Evil 4 or Call of Duty, for hours at a time. And then talking about important things in life, such as books, or food, or crazy rabbits. I have high standards. —CC
She agrees to another. —JK

6. If you could have anyone as your valentine, who would it be and why?

Abraham Lincoln: He was famous and supposedly gay. —IJ
McDreamy! Meredith Grey doesn’t deserve him. The name says it all. —MP
Mr. Big from Sex and the City. Or my boyfriend. Either one’s acceptable. —MD

7. What is your favorite love song?

“Bitches Ain’t Sh*t” by Ben Folds —JK
“Part of the List” by Ne-Yo. It’s like, whoa! —MP

8. Where do you think the best place on campus to meet potential partners is?

The library, or — where you will most likely find me — at some place that serves food. I guess a dorm would be good too, unless you had a stalker (or two or three, as I’ve heard about) that also lived there. —CC
Wean. It has all the makings for romance. Creepy hallways. Endless stairwells. Flooring that looks like a bowling alley. What more can you ask for?! —MP

9. If your romance were a movie, which movie would it be?

This question is implying that I’ve had a romance before. I would say The Lion King ... and I’m Rafiki. —CC
10 Things I Hate About You, without the happy ending. —IJ

10. What would be your perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

One unicorn. And some sugar cubes for him or her. —JK
My very own private island. Next to Johnny Depp’s, preferably. —MP

CC — Courtney Chin | Sports Editor
JK — Jesse Kummer | Personnel Manager
MD — Meela Dudley | Pillbox Editor
IJ — Isaac Jones | Comics Editor
MP — Maricel Paz | Production Co-Manager