Classes canceled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Credit: Michael Kahn/Forum Editor Credit: Michael Kahn/Forum Editor

A blizzard dumping up to two feet of snow shut down much of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon this weekend and into the week — with classes canceled both Monday and Tuesday.

The storm caused many campus facilities to close, including most campus dining locations. The Carnegie Mellon Café, The Underground, Taste of India, and Sí Señor were open with limited menus and shorter hours. Campus restaurant closures caused difficulties for many students living on campus. “I’m half starving,” said Leslye Graham, a first-year in H&SS. “We’ve been eating pita bread and hummus all day. Everything was closed so we went to Entropy.”

Campus dining locations that did stay open found themselves short-staffed and facing a much bigger crowd than usual.

Entropy and restaurants in Resnik House saw a much greater number of students than usual.

Students who do not reside on campus were also impacted by the storm. Treacherous road conditions made travel very difficult. Dangerous roads caused the Pittsburgh Port Authority to limit its bus service to one route beginning on Friday night and lasting through Saturday. Limited bus service was restored on Sunday morning, with nearly full service expected to be restored on Monday morning.

Some students avoided traveling back and forth from their homes, choosing instead to come to campus in the morning and stay for the entire day.

Restaurant closures in Oakland and Squirrel Hill forced some students to travel to campus to get their meals. “Because of the snow, I ate at Schatz for the first time since my first year,” said fifth-year architecture major Jerome Williams.

Carnegie Mellon employees also found themselves impacted by storm conditions. Many were unable to report to work due to suspended bus services and icy roads. Those who were able to report to work were relocated from their normal work stations to cover for those who were not able to come in.

Weather conditions also affected some employees’ ability to return to their homes. Six Housing and Dining Services employees were forced to stay overnight in Resnik House. “I slept on a couch with a tablecloth for a blanket,” said Maria Gonzalez, one of the six stranded employees. “It was terrible.”

While Pittsburgh is slow to respond to the effects of the storm, Carnegie Mellon Facilities Management Services have been working diligently to clear walkways and driveways of snow and ice.

However, despite the hard work of campus employees, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday classes were canceled due to severe weather conditions.

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