Lecture Previews

Project Olympus Show and Tell

Wednesday, Feb. 10

at 5 p.m., Rashid Auditorium (Hillman Center 4401)

Project Olympus aims to create a climate, culture, and community that will enable talent and ideas to grow in the Pittsburgh region. Olympus provides beginning advice, scholarships and grants, incubator space, and connections for the Carnegie Mellon computer science community. This year’s Project Olympus “Show and Tell” will showcase university research, projects, spin-offs, and community perspectives.

Lectures include “Computational Cosmology: Simulating the Universe,” “Next Generation Graphics in the Cloud,” “Smart Transportation: Faster, Better, Cheaper,” “Smart.Mirror: A Clothing Suggestion System for Retail Stores,” and “An In Progress Entrepreneurial Success Story and Big Picture Takeaways.” Registration is required for this event.

Meeting the World’s Energy Needs in a CO2 -Constrained Environment: The Role of Nuclear Power

Friday, Feb. 12 at 4 p.m.

Tung Au Lab

(Porter Hall, First Floor)

The world has a challenge: We need to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and decrease our use of fossil fuels while the global population increases.

This lecture is a part of the Leadership Speaker Series sponsored by the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Panel members will include: Andrew Gellman, head of the department of chemical engineering; Granger Morgan, head of the department of engineering and public policy; and Nadine Aubry, head of the department of mechanical engineering.