Did you know?

100 years ago
Feb. 24, 1910

It must have been a slow news week at Carnegie Tech, as the front page story involves the imminent hiring of two assistant baseball managers. The day a Pittsburgh-based baseball team makes front-page news in anything, I’ll eat my hat.

50 years ago
Feb. 24, 1960

Women’s housing was forced to undergo some changes this year, as many women’s dormitories were overcrowded at the beginning of the semester. Wait. At some point this school had too many women? Now I’ve heard everything.

25 years ago
Feb. 19, 1985

An article declares that informal polls have shown that the campus community is not concerned about a recent spate of muggings and would not consider hiring extra security forces. Let’s just hope this lack of extra security doesn’t come back to bite us later.

10 years ago
Feb. 21, 2000

A brawl broke out on the Greek Quadrangle this week when more than 100 brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa Sigma began fighting after a Kap Sig party went awry. Campus police even had to call in for backup from the city, proving that 1985 was probably wrong in not hiring extra security.

5 years ago
Feb. 21, 2005

SPIRIT funded a talk by Malik Zulu Shabazz, chairman of the New Black Panther Party, despite his visit being denied funding by Student Senate. If more clubs at Carnegie Mellon were willing to take funding into their own hands, then maybe The Tartan could hire a comedian to write these jokes for me.

1 year ago
Feb. 23, 2009

A SciTech article celebrates the thrilling career of Charles Darwin, who would have turned 200 on Feb. 12. Darwin’s last words were, “I am not in the least afraid to die.”