Midi music is on the rise

Expect big waves to be made this year in the indie music scene. 2009 was a year of creationism — genres were mixed, new synthetic sounds were discovered, and artists were as audacious and dicey as ever. From this spectacular year in music, we can only expect to see more benefits in 2010. Here is a list of some fresh contemporary artists who can be expected to rise to popularity and rule the 2010 indie music scene with an iron guitar.

Real Estate

This psychedelic midi-pop quartet hailing from Ridgewood, N.J. released their self-titled debut album, Real Estate, in November 2009. Popular songs from this first album like “Suburban Beverage” and “Snow Days” mix muted vocals with clean guitar to create an addictive summer sound similar to that of Girls and Beach House.

Often described as a component in the creation of the new sub-genre of lo-fi, Real Estate is actually considered to be a side project by its band members. Guitarist Mathew Mondanile previously recorded under the successful synth-pop alias Ducktails, while drummer Etienne Duguay was a member of a group known as Predator Vision. The band has recently been recording together in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Local Natives

Local Natives, a band formerly known as Cavil at Rest, released their debut album, Gorilla Manor, in the United States just last week to rave reviews. The band first started to attract attention when they played at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas last year.
Popular songs like “Sun Hands” and “Camera Talk” feature intricate drums and hypnotic vocal harmonies that are often compared in quality to those of Fleet Foxes, a band that truly saw success in 2009. The five band members, who all share a home in Orange County, Calif., will soon embark on a worldwide tour playing small venues through Europe and the United States and hitting all the major indie music festivals. See www.thelocalnatives.com for show dates and news about the band.

Crystal Castles

After the 2008 debut of their self-titled album, Crystal Castles became the obsession of open-minded indie bloggers everywhere, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the group’s sophomore release. The electro duo, made up of vocalist Alice Glass and instrumentalist Ethan Kath, formed the band in 2003 in Ontario, Canada.

While this group has already seen a significant amount of success with their popular experimental electric tracks from their first album, fans have been raving about the group’s newest songs ever since they began playing them live. While no release date has been set and the album has yet to be named, some song names have been confirmed, including “Violent Dreams” and “Pap Smear.” Look for shows so that you too can hear a glimpse of this anticipated album, and keep your eyes peeled for any up and coming release news.