University of Pittsburgh prioritizes academic study

We at Carnegie Mellon are great at complaining. We complain about stressful workloads, sleepless nights, and high tuition, to name a few. Most of us have, at least once, compared ourselves with those neighbors down in Oakland and wondered why we couldn’t have easier classes, earlier summers, and an actual life in general. However, for once, we are not the ones who need to complain.

For a change, University of Pittsburgh students will be wishing their university made decisions like ours. That institution has decided to make up the classes that were missed during the three snow days two weeks ago by holding classes on two Saturdays — March 27 and April 17.

Although the three snow days did result in a lot of economic and academic losses for the university, we are glad that Carnegie Mellon has not followed the University of Pittsburgh and decided to make up for the lost time. It is ironic that Carnegie Mellon — which is usually so reluctant to give its students days off — is not trying to schedule make-up classes, but we’re not complaining. The worst that students at Carnegie Mellon may have to endure because of the snow days is a slightly heavier workload, but at least we don’t have to shorten our weekends.

Many students, being from Carnegie Mellon, will probably just sit and study on these two Saturdays anyway, but at least we don’t officially have to. This might be one of those rare times when we could say that Carnegie Mellon students are entitled to have more of a social life than the students at the University of Pittsburgh.