Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Feb. 16, 1910
The Glee Club announces that it has been hard at work preparing for a May concert. The article notes that “the songs are all pretty and well suited to the voices of the Club” — as opposed to the ugly songs that were written for those guys over at Harvard.

50 Years Ago
Feb. 17, 1960
The front page features the song selections for the upcoming Greek Sing competition, with Pi Kappa Alpha scheduled to sing “Marry A Woman Uglier Than You” during intermission. I always wondered how PiKA was a hit with the ladies, and this just raises further questions.

25 Years Ago
Feb. 12, 1985
Scotch’n’Soda recently began production on a new musical titled Zelda. Okay, raise your hand if your first thought immediately went to the video game. Now slap yourself with it, look up the musical, and learn what true entertainment is.

10 Years Ago
Feb. 14, 2000
Valentine’s Day was a little sad this year as Peanuts creator Charles Schulz died just two days prior. In honor of the 10-year anniversary of his death, don’t be the Schroeder to your Lucy this week: Try to give each other a chance.

5 Years Ago
Feb. 14, 2005
A Forum article notes that Focus on the Family recently denounced Spongebob Squarepants and other “gay” entertainment as normalizing homosexuality. Come on now; what possible harm can a sponge do to American culture that Grand Theft Auto hasn’t already?

1 Year Ago
Feb. 9, 2009
A Pillbox article goes over 10 ways that your first date can go horribly wrong and urges you to prepare for anything. Hmm, only 10? In my experience, there are a lot more ways a date can go wrong, but maybe that’s just me.