Tennis on Campus offers friendly and intercollegiate competitive play for students

If one were to walk by the tennis courts at any time of day, one would see students and faculty alike engaging in friendly competition with their friends. Now those tennis enthusiasts can have one more reason to love the sport: the beginning of the Tennis On Campus program. According to the national organization’s press release, the Tennis On Campus program is “offered on over 500 college campuses with over 30,000 participating students” and will allow players from Carnegie Mellon to compete against other teams from across the country. The United States Tennis Association (USTA) — which helps regulate all things tennis-related, from local tournaments to the U.S. Open — has now brought Carnegie Mellon into the fold with its new program.

The main objective of the program is to organize non-varsity tennis players to compete in dual matches and travel to schools such as Penn State, Drexel, and Bucknell. “[Carnegie Mellon’s] tennis program overall is very strong, so there are a lot of great players ... who aren’t on a varsity team but still enjoy playing at a slightly more than recreational level,” said Jennifer Marlow, a Ph.D. student and a captain and event organizer for the Tennis Club. For each dual match, the 10-person coed team will play a total of five matches: men’s singles and doubles, women’s singles and doubles, and a mixed doubles match to round out the play.

“We’d like to establish CMU as a competitive force in the club tennis community,” Marlow said. “As the team continues to grow, we hope to increase awareness and participation among interested players at CMU, and to have fun while doing so.”

Sophomore Wei Guo, the other captain and event organizer for the Tennis Club, added, “We just started participating last year, so we are happy with the turnout. We felt like we formed a good team to be competitive, and we had some good matches against Pitt and Duquesne. We feel we can compete for the title.”

If Carnegie Mellon’s team does exceptionally well this year, it has the chance to qualify for the USTA National Campus Championship, which will be held in April in Surprise, Ariz.