Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Jan. 26, 1910
An article makes note of the fact that a popular junior surprised his classmates recently in letting them know that he had been married since Aug. 23. Wow, if this guy can hide the fact he’s married for four months, imagine his potential as a politician.

50 Years Ago
Feb. 10, 1960
The city spent $500,000 to drain water that had accumulated underneath campus and Squirrel Hill in 1960. It is just stunning how Pittsburgh loves repeating past mistakes; the water main breaks will truly never end.

25 Years Ago
Jan. 29, 1985
Sub-zero temperatures wreaked havoc on Carnegie Mellon students this week. Makes you really consider that global warming argument being bantered about with the recent weather patterns, doesn’t it?

10 Years Ago
Jan. 31, 2000
A strange odor was reported to campus police in the crime report this week when a vinegar-like smell was noticed at the Mellon Institute. This is why I keep petitioning campus police to hose down all the computer science clusters from time to time.

5 Years Ago
Jan. 31, 2005
Student Senate this week denied funding to Malik Zulu Shabazz, the national chairman of the New Black Panther Party, to speak on campus. Apparently Shabazz is known to be controversial and stirred up quite the discussion at the Senate meeting.

1 Year Ago
Feb. 2, 2009
A SciTech article this week notes that Carnegie Mellon researchers are developing a robot that could crawl over the surface of the heart to help during surgeries. We just can’t help but speed up the eventual robot revolution, can we?