Comedy and music combine for LMAO

Brain Posehn joked about his own appearance consistently throughout the show, and his 
self-deprecation certainly worked in his favor. (credit: Jesse Kummer | Personnel Manager ) Brain Posehn joked about his own appearance consistently throughout the show, and his self-deprecation certainly worked in his favor. (credit: Jesse Kummer | Personnel Manager )

AB Comedy and the Alumni Association put on a show for the ages last Thursday with music, laughter, and fun for the whole family — well, at least those over the age of 18. The event, titled “LMAO: Laughter, Music, & Other Stuff with Brian Posehn”, kicked off with a performance from the winning band of Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Battle of the Bands, Julia McGinley. The group started off with a cover of Coldplay’s “Lost” before hitting what seemed to be its strongest piece of the night, a cover of B.o.B’s “Nothin’ on You.”

Up next was a rather recent addition to the set list, St. Louis-based comedian Jeremy Essig. A graduate of Wake Forest University and recent graduate school dropout, the 32-year-old Essig described himself as over-educated and under-employed. Still, the man has been keeping busy, performing over 200 shows per year and developing a loyal following since he first began performing at open-mic nights during graduate school in early 2000.

During his act, Essig made fun of his long college stints — he put his master’s degree from the University of Missouri on hold for much of the decade while pursuing a place in the comedy scene. Of his decision to recently drop out of graduate school, where he was studying journalism, he said, “Yeah, journalism and comedy, just find me an industry that’s dying and I’ll jump right in.”
The comedian also joked about his decision to remain in a college town following graduation, admitting that he lived above fraternity brothers for quite some time. “It got to the point where I was the guy banging on the door telling them to turn that shit down.” And worse, he hurt his arm while doing it. “That’s when you know you’re too old,” he noted.

Essig turned in a very funny performance while hitting topics that were relevant to the audience of mostly college kids. To hear more about the man who St. Louis Magazine dubs a “comic to watch,” tune in to the Bob and Tom show on XM/Sirius Radio, where he is a regular DJ, or pick up one of his three comedy albums.
After his performance, Essig introduced the man of the hour, Brian Posehn. Posehn isn’t just known for his stand up comedy, however. He has appeared in a multitude of TV shows and movies, such as The Devil’s Rejects, Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Super High Me.

Currently, Posehn is starring in the television show The Sarah Silverman Program. In the beginning of his act, he told the audience that he would love to hang out with the crowd after the show, but asked members to please not talk to him if they only thought it would help them get Sarah Silverman to sleep with them. He said, “It doesn’t work that way.”

Before getting into his scripted material, which the new father of a baby girl told us would be filled with jokes about farts and his wang, he warned the crowd to “take off your thinking caps because it’s about to get ****ing stupid in here.” And, of course, he joked about his own appearance, saying, “If I wasn’t paid to be here, security would run me off as a guy who just talked about his penis a lot with a bunch of college students.”

During Posehn’s act, he did indeed talk about his wiener a lot, but that wasn’t all. He touched on all sorts of subjects that were near and dear to college students, such as farts, babies, marijuana, cats, sex, zombie attacks, and masturbation.

One of the anecdotes he told of his life in Los Angeles, a city he hates, was about valets. He talked about how his wife farted in their car right before a valet was about to park the car for them, and her excuse was that “he’ll just think it was you.” Posehn agreed wholeheartedly, saying, “I look like I’m made of farts. Like a bunch of farts got together and put on a man costume for a day to become some sort of fart man—or fart elemental, for you Dungeons and Dragons players in the audience.”

Posehn referred to his appearance constantly throughout the act. While he was willing to call himself several disparaging names, he didn’t, however, want any sympathy from the audience, saying, “I know what I put out to the world. My mirror works.”

One of the most hilarious parts of his act was when Posehn told the audience about his plan for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. He said he would “take to the streets, with my son in a babybjorn right here [on his chest], holding a samurai sword with a baseball bat attached, and my wife in a babybjorn on my back holding two shotguns.” While that would admittedly be a badass way to attack the zombie horde, he said, due to his poor physical shape, he’d quickly tire out and his brains would be eaten soon afterward.

Posehn put on a spectacularly hilarious show for everyone who attended. To hear more of Posehn, pick up his recently released sophomore comedy album titled, appropriately, Fart and Weiner Jokes.