Did you know?

100 years ago
Nov. 9, 1910
The heading "Two Old-Timers" precedes a story of how two graduates were "swinging the sledge" in the school's forge. While this may be misinterpreting this headline a tad, mandatory hard labor would be a wonderful thing for this university to bring back.

50 years ago
Nov. 9, 1960
Did you know there used to be an Engineering and Science College at Carnegie Mellon? Man, the day they separated engineers and scientists, the campus must have been littered with lab coats, beakers, levels, and all sorts of destruction. Get it? It's like separating an atom? Anyone?

25 years ago
Nov. 5, 1985
Apple co-founder Steven Jobs lectured this week at Carnegie Mellon about his new computer company, called Next Inc. Well, what was "next" for Mr. Jobs was the purchase of his newest company and eventual return to Apple. You can't win ’em all.

10 years ago
Nov. 6, 2000<br<
A Tartan Pizza Delivery Review Showdown took place this week as Tartan writers stayed at home, ordered a ton of pizzas from seven locations, ate them, and rated them. For some reason, Vocelli's wasn't even reviewed. That must say something.

5 years ago
Nov. 7, 2005
Carnegie Mellon apparently had an anticlimactic Halloween this year. An editorial bemoans the lack of pranks and general celebration among the campus community. Let's be glad we were able to set a few more fires than usual this year to amp up the crazy factor.

1 year ago
Nov. 9, 2009
Allegheny County dropped a lawsuit this week against two men who were charged with using Twitter to inform the public of police locations throughout Pittsburgh during the G-20 Summit. Jeez, if only there were more saints out there like those men.