Did you know?

100 years ago
Nov. 16, 1910
"Are Technical Students Ignorant?" asks the headline of an article that wonders if technical students have a bad attitude toward economics, politics, and ethical practices. If that's how you define ignorance, most CS students would be considered village idiots.

50 years ago
Nov. 16, 1960
A blurb ran this week for people interested in working on the advertising staff of The Tartan. It noted that all those willing to work will be accepted due to a shortage of volunteers. Honestly, that ad could run today for writing. Help us!

25 years ago
Nov. 19, 1985
The Crime and Incident section notes that a student caught trying to steal a Carnegie Mellon parking lot sign has had his case turned over to the dean. Oh, come on, can't we chalk this up to boys being boys and call it a day?

10 years ago
Nov. 13, 2000
A Forum writer rates Carnegie Mellon below our neighbors in State College after a recent trip he took to Penn State. I must humbly disagree — where else can you pay three times as much and get half the number of attractive people?

5 years ago
Nov. 14, 2005
A News article cites a study showing that students are the worst enemies for their own personal computers. Apparently, apathy and recklessness from people like us are some of the main reasons why that computer virus deleted everything on your hard drive.

1 year ago
Nov. 16, 2009
A Sci/Tech article reviews a seminar where a former Marine Corps officer lectured on how best to detect liars through subtleties in speech and movements. Let's just hope your professors didn't go to that lecture: Your "my roommate took a hammer to my computer, so I couldn't write my paper" excuse might not work anymore.