LeBron starts season with commercial, loss

With all the anticipation leading up to this year’s NBA season, I wouldn’t have dreamed of missing the first two games of the season, especially one that featured the star-studded Miami Heat against the equally famous Boston Celtics. If you are an NBA fan, you should know that the Heat had a huge offseason, acquiring current All-Stars and potentially future Hall of Famers LeBron James and Chris Bosh. People have been crowning them the NBA Champions since they assembled this amazing team, even before any game has been played.

However, the Heat started the season on a down note, losing its first game to the defending Eastern Conference Champions. While watching the game, millions of viewers got to see a new Nike commercial featuring James for the first time this year. Although Nike calls it a commercial, it seemed like it was just a preview of what James’s ego will be like for the rest of the year.

The commercial starts off with James sitting on a movie set, asking the audience, “What should I do?” It then cuts to multiple scenes that feature James in different roles that play off the criticism he took for making his famous decision this summer. He asks whether or not he should listen to the media and the general population, who have called him a villain, a traitor, and a championship-chaser.

He asks whether or not he should listen to his friends, who were behind James moving to Miami this year and have taken a lot of flak for being an irrational group that steers him in the wrong direction. Overall, the commercial is James’s ego taking a shot at every NBA fan who has criticized him, in an effort to make it seem like he is unaffected by this summer’s events.

What James doesn’t realize is that this commercial shows us how much his ego has been damaged by all of the criticism that has been piled on him this summer. The act that he doesn’t care about what we say isn’t working, and it will continue to stay that way for the rest of his career. He will always be the villain to everyone outside of Miami, and until he stops listening to the morons that he considers friends, he will continue to make bad decisions. James cannot change what he has already done, and any efforts he makes to clean it up will not work. All he can do is go out onto the court and win basketball games, and even that might not bring many people to like him.

Speaking of winning basketball games, I hope the Heat doesn’t consider itself a shoo-in for the championship this year. Although it has only been three games, the Heat shows that it doesn’t have the depth to consider itself a clear-cut favorite over the Celtics and Magic in the East.

In the team’s first game, the Celtics locked down on the Heat with their signature stellar defense, causing James to commit eight turnovers while holding the Wade/Bosh combo to only 21 total points. In the Heat’s next game against Philadelphia, James committed nine turnovers while shooting five for 12 from the floor.
If the Heat wants to be considered the favorite to win it all, the Big Three (Wade, James, and Bosh) have to learn how to work together, along with helping out their teammates. So far this year, Bosh has been a skeleton of his normal self, and it does not look like things will improve as the season goes on. He is averaging only 10 shots per game, as opposed to the 17 shots per game that he took last year. Being a tall inside-post player, Bosh needs to get into a rhythm to be the player that he can be. After a career-high field goal percentage of over 50 percent last year, Bosh has struggled from the field, currently posting a 34.4 percentage.

Of course, the East poses another threat to the Heat’s championship run, and his name is Dwight Howard. The one known as “Superman” had a good offensive day against the Heat, much because of the Heat’s lack of a solid post-defender. In limited playing time due to the score and foul trouble, Howard scored 19 points while shooting a very efficient eight for 15 from the field. If the Heat happens to play the Magic in the postseason, it will need stellar performances from Wade and James to combat the effect that Howard will have on the game. I expect Howard to have his best games against the Heat, especially now that Orlando has lost its best chances to win a championship in the next few years.

So, what should James do? If he really wants to know, he should shut up and just play basketball.