Celebrating National Pomegranate Month

Pomegranates have been known to increase sex drive and stimulate the consumer’s libido. (credit: Tommy Hofman | Assistant Photo Editor) Pomegranates have been known to increase sex drive and stimulate the consumer’s libido. (credit: Tommy Hofman | Assistant Photo Editor)

The month of November has just begun, and this means that National Pomegranate Month is here!

The pomegranate is pretty much the greatest fruit ever. First of all, it looks and tastes awesome. Eating a pomegranate is like getting the chance to experience Mother Nature at her best. She clearly outdid herself compared to her more mediocre works such as Niagara Falls or coral reefs. Second, pomegranates can do wonders for your health. An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, a pomegranate a day will supply you with a rich dose of heart-healthy antioxidants, help reduce blood pressure and the risk of blood clots, fight dental plaque, and may help prevent cancer. In some countries, pomegranates are popular because of their ability to prevent wrinkles and improve skin condition — they are estimated to contain an amount of antioxidants that considerably surpasses the amount contained in green tea and red wine. You think it sounds too good to be just a plain old fruit? You’re not alone in that. In fact, the pomegranate is actually categorized as a “superfruit” by the ACAI Health and Nutrition Resource Center because of its exceptional nutritional benefits combined with its unbelievable taste. Let’s see an apple try to compete with that.

Also, the pomegranate has also historically been acknowleged as a symbol of fertility. It’s basically a red sac filled with an abundance of seeds — that image should speak for itself. With that image in mind, it’s easy to see how the pomegranate is also considered an aphrodisiac. While this is one of the fruit’s more risqué qualities, it is frequently associated with the pomegranate because of its sensual red color and its associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Did you know that some people believe the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden actually might have been a pomegranate? Eve probably found out about its antioxidants and cancer-preventing qualities and was willing to get kicked out of the Garden of Eden just to get a taste. If you still need more convincing of the sheer awesomeness of this superfruit (as if the term “superfruit” isn’t convincing enough), there was a belief in ancient China that eating a lot of pomegranates could make you immortal. If there was an award for being awesome, looks like Dumbledore would have some serious competition.

Despite the countless reasons why the pomegranate is the greatest fruit ever, it is true that eating one can be a bit of a hassle. A simple trick to make the process a little smoother is to cut the pomegranate through the rind in several places — without cutting into the seeds — and soak the fruit in a bowl of water for five minutes. This will make it easier to break apart the seeds, and before you know it, your taste buds will be going on a delicious adventure of sweetness with subtle tart undertones. so eating a pomegranate will taste awesome, improve your health with its fantastic nutritional value, make you beautiful by preventing wrinkles because of its overabundance of antioxidants, boost your libido, and might make you immortal. And you thought your iPhone could do it all.

With your newfound appreciation of pomegranates, you are probably looking for a fun way to celebrate National Pomegranate Month — well, look no further! There is a myth that all pomegranates have exactly 613 seeds, so the next time you get your hands on this amazing fruit, try counting all the seeds!