I’m going to write about a song that I honestly believe should make its way into the lives of every human being. Recently it has been influencing every aspect of my life.

Let’s go over the progression of this song: Giselle speaks. A piano gently backs her. This is a song of longing. What’s funny is that I’m in no way in a rut of lonely unrequited love. I’m no beautiful damsel dripping in gold, but the song resonates because it captures an emotion so fully. The lyrics are effectively paralleled in the instrumentation, and together they create an image that’s impossible to shake. Tasting the hushed blazes of orange behind plum-speckled clouds, feeling like you’re floating gently through a glowing forest of jellyfish, you are wrapped in Giselle’s words like the gentlest smoke of incense.

What makes this song such an earworm? I would have to say that it’s due to the simple layered progression of the song. Each layer is simple and memorable and satisfying in its own right. Nevertheless, the song is a gem because whenever a single constituent part of the song is remembered, the rest of it hovers in your mind, gently holding your memory like a lover easing into bed. Despite how memorable each individual piece of the song is, there’s a particular inimitable reverb on Giselle’s voice that makes every listening drip with pleasure.

This is the kind of song that, oddly enough, makes you want to make sure that your mom knows how much you love her and how fortunate you feel for having been raised by her. So, that’s what I’m off to do. By gosh, I’m going to make her proud of this kid she’s brought into this beautiful world! Again, the song is “Crave You (ft. Giselle)” by Flight Facilities. Look it up online. Readers, I promise you’ll love it.

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