Did you know?

100 years ago
Nov. 2, 1910
The Pertinent and Impertinent section notes that “Halloween has a bad effect on people; however, we must have a good time.” Amen to that, 1910. Amen to that. Hope everyone had a happy and legally entertaining time.

50 years ago
Nov. 2, 1960
A dilemma arose this year as no nearby site was available to host the booths and rides that appear at Midway during Spring Carnival. I don’t know how big the Carnegie Mellon budget was in the 1960s, but I’d suggest Kennywood. At least the wooden coasters were relevant then..

25 years ago
Oct. 29, 1985
A Forum writer laments the fact that cliques do not die in high school. He wonders what Carnegie Mellon would look like if everyone worked together. I think we are pretty united against “Walking to the Sky,” right? Doesn’t that count for something?

10 years ago
Oct. 30, 2000
Jerry Springer came to campus this past week and delivered a lecture on politics, the media, and free speech. No word on whether a fight broke out at the lecture between an unwed pregnant teen and her alleged lover, a 36-year-old midget bodybuilder.

5 years ago
Oct. 31, 2005
A Forum article calls out people who have tiny dogs and carry them in their purses around town, saying that they just buy the dogs for show and not for any emotional reason. Well, that’s silly; I know I like my dogs just how I like my women: small and out of the way.

1 year ago
Nov. 2, 2009
A new whale exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History offers exciting and interesting information about the wide world of whales. I bet everyone who visited the exhibit had a whale of a time.