Football defeats Hiram College 62–31, improves record to 3–2

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The Carnegie Mellon Tartan football team improved its record this weekend to 3–2 with a convincing 62–31 win over the Hiram College Terriers. The 26th battle between the two schools took place this past Saturday in Gesling Stadium.

The game began with a 62-yard kick by junior Tartan Patrick Garret, giving Hiram the first offensive drive; but the Terriers weren’t able to hang onto it for long. The Tartan defense shut Hiram down quickly, allowing Tartan offense to take an early lead. With four completed first downs in nine plays, the Cardinal and Gray’s senior Justin Pratt was able to finish the drive with a touchdown capped off by a completed extra kick by senior Elliot Carnevale to give Carnegie Mellon an early 7–0 advantage. The remaining drives of the first quarter proved successful for both teams, rallying back and forth to end the quarter with a 14–7 lead for Carnegie Mellon.

The second quarter was a battle characterized by Tartan touchdowns and Hiram responses, but the Tartans were able to sustain the lead. First, a Hiram field goal closed the gap to 14–10, then the determined Tartans’ sophomores Jake Nardone, Jared Delello, and Patrick Blanks responded with a touchdown to increase the Tartans’ lead to 21–10. Next came a Hiram touchdown and another Tartan response, upping the score to 28–17. With a Hiram fumble recovered by senior Tom Todd, the Cardinal and Gray regained the ball but were unable to capitalize by the end of the half.

After the half, Carnegie Mellon came out determined to score and found success as Justin Pratt rushed a total of 63 yards on the opening drive to give the Tartans a 35–17 lead. Just as the Tartans were getting comfortable, the Terriers recovered a fumble off of a punt return and turned it into a touchdown, closing the gap to 35–24. It took the Tartans just 1:16 to respond, though, as Delello scored another touchdown, making the score 41–24. Hiram suffered two penalties for a false start and a delay of game, but this wasn’t able to hold the Terriers back. Terrier quarterback Brendan Rehor led his team back within 10 points of the Tartans just before the Tartans scored again to end the quarter 48–31.

The fourth quarter was completely dominated by Carnegie Mellon. The Tartans capitalized on three interceptions caught by sophomore Nick Karabin, senior Brandon Van Tassel, and first-year Jack Butler. The offense successfully completed two touchdown runs, making the score 62–31. The Tartan defense had its best quarter of the game, allowing no points from the Hiram offense.

Although the Carnegie Mellon defense struggled to stop the Terriers throughout the first three quarters, Todd, first-year Charles Tanner, senior Jason Stearns, and senior Mike Shedlosky each had a successful sack during the game. Sophomore Owen Parker and Karbin led the team with 11 and 10 tackles, respectively. They were also able to force five turnovers, allowing the success of the offense. The game set a school record for rushing yards, at 585, combining the success of 11 Tartan players. Pratt, Nardone, and Delello all ended the game with over 100 yards rushing, and each with at least one touchdown.

The Tartans will travel to Delaware, Ohio, to face the Ohio Wesleyan University’s Battling Bishops next weekend.