Did you know?

100 Years Ago:
October 5, 1910
The Pertinent and Impertinent section notes that several Plebes were removed from a faculty-only section of campus and chides them for thinking they were entitled to “better things.” I, on the other hand, would have applauded those courageous first-years for sticking it to the man.

50 Years Ago:
October 5, 1960
A short ad calling for nominees to the “Scimitar Society” is listed in the paper this week. The ad mentions that to be considered, one “must be in the top third of his class academically and participate in activities.” Skill with a blade does not appear to be a qualification.

25 Years Ago:
October 1, 1985
WRCT reopened this week after receiving a major renovation in terms of space for the main studios. Strangely enough, absolutely none of the money spent on the station went toward adding new musical selections. Remember, it’s not always the size that counts...

10 Years Ago:
October 2, 2000
One student’s response to a question about Ralph Nader in the “Person’s Opinion” feature has, “Who? Oooh, he is like a political guy, right?” It’s always refreshing to hear that the in-your-face register-to-vote recruiters never could quite get everyone.

5 Years Ago:
October 3, 2005
The Tartan reported on an interesting response by a Pennsylvania school district to rising gas prices: shortening the school week to four days to save on costs. As someone who has been trying to finagle a three-day weekend out of his schedule for three years, I applaud that plan.

1 Year Ago:
October 3, 2009
An accident on Forbes Avenue outside the Fraternity Quad involving a motorist and a taxi driver caused no significant injuries, though Robert DeNiro did threaten the man talking to him with a gun. Hopefully, more than just the super-nerdy film buffs get that joke.