Did you know?

100 years ago
Oct. 26, 1910
Students are told to keep the stubs of football tickets so they can exchange them for baseball tickets for the upcoming season. Damn, the Pirates should have taken this route with Steelers tickets a long time ago. Maybe then a few people would show up at PNC Park.

50 years ago
Nov. 9, 1960
A whopping 28 people pledged to join a fraternity this fall semester, says a blurb on the front page. What is that, like a tenth of Sigma Phi Epsilon’s total number of current members? Seriously, I see those guys everywhere. They reproduce like rabbits.

25 years ago
Oct. 29, 1985
Kurt Vonnegut visited campus this past week and apparently lectured on seals, humans, and the universe — three topics clearly on the forefront of everyone’s mind in the Cold War era. No mention as to whether he turned the lecture hall into Slaughterhouse-Five.

10 years ago
Oct. 30, 2000
A front-page article notes that the debate over a plus/minus grading system continues to rage across campus. Apparently, most of the faculty favored the new system while students were overwhelmingly against it. Regardless, I think my effort in this column deserves an A+.

5 years ago
Oct. 31, 2005
A SciTech article introduces students to the PeaceMaker, a video game that takes its challenges straight from today’s headlines. Too bad they didn’t take the challenges straight from my life — there’s got to be some up, down, left, right combination that makes cash money appear.

1 year ago
Oct. 26, 2009
A News article examines a New Zealand study that shows the benefits of daily texting. Specifically, it experimented with sending motivational texts to young smokers to help them quit, and apparently it worked. Too bad motivational texts can’t inspire students to finish their homework.