Did you know?

100 Years Ago

Jan. 19, 1910

A column on student activities and eligibility states that “men come here primarily to learn, and not to engage in theatricals and concerts.” I have to disagree. I primarily came here to play ultimate Frisbee and write funny articles for the widely read school newspaper.

50 Years Ago

Jan. 20, 1960

A special announcement declares the opening of a new department of graphic arts that was established at Carnegie Tech. That was it. The whole paper that week was this announcement, pretty much just a flyer. The 1960 staff apparently needed a week off to recover from the first week of classes.

25 Years Ago

Jan. 22, 1985

A review for Beverly Hills Cop appears in this issue with the writer praising Eddie Murphy’s role and the film as “solid entertainment.” I agree with the author on that point. Unfortunately, that was just about the last time Murphy was in a good movie.

10 Years Ago

Jan. 24, 2000

A blurb in the Forum section this week declares that The Tartan has unveiled its first redesign in 10 years. It also urges readers to submit feedback about the new design. Hey, did you know the current Tartan was just recently redesigned? And that this right here is the first article to mention it?

5 Years Ago

Jan. 17, 2005

A writer for the Forum section this week rants a bit about the redundant nature of award shows on television. Apparently, there were 40 in 2004. Reading the article, it looks as if she’s out of the running for Best Breakthrough Forum Writer, too.

1 Year Ago

Jan. 19, 2009

A Sports article praises the Steelers for making it to their seventh Super Bowl, which they won in a game that I enjoyed watching until the end. Building upon that accomplishment, the Steelers boldly decided to miss the playoffs this year.