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As your student body president and vice president, Timi and I would like to welcome everyone back to another exciting semester at Carnegie Mellon. As you continue your studies here, we hope you realize that your student government representatives will continue to fight hard for you and provide programs and initiatives, such as the Tartan Rewards Program, that greatly improve the Carnegie Mellon experience and encourage all students to explore all that the university has to offer.

Last week the student government Executive Branch teamed up with the Greek community to hold the first semiannual Textbook Flea Market, which gave students the chance to sell their books at prices they designated. A great success, the Textbook Flea Market is an initiative that Timi and I expect to continue at the end of the spring semester, and we hope that it will continue in the future under new leadership. With revenue of over $7000, the aim of this initiative was for students to help themselves, help other students, and most of all give to charity.

In that vein, the university community has come together to help Haitians in need as a result of the recent earthquake. In this trying time, Carnegie Mellon’s Division of Student Affairs, student government, and student organizations across campus are calling for a unified effort from the community to support the people of Haiti.

We have kicked off a “Helping Haiti Dollar Campaign” to raise money for much-needed relief efforts. The Dollar Campaign’s goal is to collect at least one dollar from every student, staff, and faculty member at the university, which potentially could yield more than $16,000.

All the contributions to the “Helping Haiti Dollar Campaign” will go to the following organizations:

Hôpital Albert Schweitzer
Doctors without Borders
Brother’s Brother Foundation

We appreciate and embrace your generosity in our efforts to support the people of Haiti. College students can often get stuck in their own bubbles, and raising awareness for this heart-wrenching event is a moral obligation of this campus’s student leaders. As President Obama has said, “It’s in times like these that we must show the kind of compassion and humanity that has defined the best of our national character for generations.” I can assure you that our combined efforts will go a long way.