University involving campus in many G20 events

By now you’ve heard, probably many times, about the G20 Summit’s rapid approach and the numerous events that are coming along with it, as well as the additional security and closings. The number of Official Communications e-mails concerning the G20 and G20-related events on Carnegie Mellon’s campus now rivals the number we received about the swine flu when the scare was at its height.

Not only is the university keeping the student body informed of what is going on with the summit and the city, it is making a visible effort to involve Carnegie Mellon students in as much of the Summit as possible. In addition to the Official Communications e-mails, there is also a website that can be accessed detailing the numerous events scheduled related to the summit, both on campus and in the city, at

And the events really are numerous — there was an expert preview panel composed of a number of distinguished Carnegie Mellon professors, and a G20 Awareness Fair was held for students this past week. Still to come are a media panel, discussions hosted by the People’s Summit, and, of course, the keynote address by Kevin Rudd, prime minister of the Commonwealth of Australia.

We appreciate that the university is making such an effort to keep Carnegie Mellon and its students so involved in the happenings of the G20 in the city. An event of this importance has the potential to alienate those in the city not directly involved in the conference, especially with the added security measures that the summit is bringing with it.

We are glad that the administration is taking measures to keep that from happening and is instead being proactive and involving the student body in whatever ways are possible.