Myriad mix-ins, ice cream make delicious dessert

Oh Yeah! provides customer with a wide variety of toppings and ice cream flavors that can be combined to create a unique dessert. (credit: J.W. Ramp | Publisher) Oh Yeah! provides customer with a wide variety of toppings and ice cream flavors that can be combined to create a unique dessert. (credit: J.W. Ramp | Publisher)

“It’s really bomb!” said senior fine arts major Robin Scheines, as she dug into one of Oh Yeah!’s signature waffle and ice cream desserts. “I mean, who doesn’t like ice cream for breakfast?”

It’s easy for one to be intimidated upon entering the hippie ice cream haven on South Highland Street. Yet, bombarded by the list of over 100 toppings and “swirl-ins,” this intimidation is quickly replaced by an overwhelming urgency to be creative. What, exactly, can I make? Everything, apparently.

Oh Yeah! offers obscure add-ons for their waffle and ice cream creations, such as balsamic vinegar, baklava, Nilla wafers, marshmallow fluff, and — wait for it — love. After some serious deliberation, we decided to put our waffle fate in the hands of the knowledgeable ice-creamista, Oh Yeah! employee Alex Esker.

The $7 vegan cinnamon waffle creation Scheines and I tested, with raspberries and chocolate chips baked in, and complete with a Kahlúa ice cream topping, may seem a bit pricey, but the dessert is worth every penny. The waffle is crispy on the outside but has a flavorful fluffy interior, perfect to be combined with one of the soy or dairy ice cream flavors Oh Yeah! has to offer.

The regular waffle is big enough for two to split, so consider a “haffle” for $3. If choosing to cut the amount of batter in half, don’t skimp on the number of scoops or toppings — the reputable (and fantastic) Dave and Andy’s Ice Cream of Oakland supplies Oh Yeah! with their tubs of ice cream goodness. It really is difficult to go wrong with any ice cream flavor or topping — even if one was brazen enough to try the squirrel meat flavor.

Squirrel meat aside, this is not your average ice cream venue. Oh Yeah! exudes a unique, homemade feel. The owner, who goes by the name “Rooster,” built the counter and coffee bar from materials he found at Construction Junction, and keeps second-hand books and records in the back corner for those who want to take their sweet time savoring their creation or making use of the free wireless Internet. The walls are a gallery of license plates and highway signs, and cork boards post announcements of upcoming art exhibits in the area. The coffee bar is equipped with turquoise ceramic espresso mugs — a cheerful accompaniment to your daily dose of caffeine.

Esker warned of the crowds that begin at 8 p.m. on weekend nights and last until midnight.

“We get a lot of students from Pitt and Carnegie Mellon, and a lot of locals as well, who are regulars at the coffee bar. On Friday and Saturday night, there is usually a line out the door.”

Although Oh Yeah! is in a more affluent neighborhood in Shadyside — surrounded by independent antique shops and nice restaurants — it is definitely tailored to a younger crowd. Oh Yeah! is off the beaten path for students, but, oh yeah — definitely worth a taste for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or a delicious dessert.

Oh Yeah! is located on S. Highland Ave in Shadyside. Visit their website at customswirl.com or contact them at 412.253.0955.